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Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

                Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe I recently had a prospective non-profit client share a few of the “decision points” his investment committee was concerned with in regard to their investment process. He said that the committee was debating whether they should hire a firm whose marketing focus was […]

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Some Perspective On Rates

            2016 has been a year of surprises. Following the Fed’s long awaited interest rate increase last December, many presumed that it would be the first of several over the coming year in a return to “normalcy”. However, the New Year was ushered in by an unanticipated currency decline in […]

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Do Elections Matter to the Markets?

According to this chart, which is encompassed in the comprehensive Solaris Quarterly Market Commentary, the markets (S&P 500) prefer a Democratic president with a Republican House & Senate. A Republican President with a split House & Senate is least favored. A Republican President with Republican House & Senate and any President with a Republican House […]

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A Fresh Look at Cash Management

  Significant changes are about to occur this October in the mundane business of cash management. Cash management, you say, what’s that! Interest rates are zero or thereabouts, right? Well, yes, but several developments are having an impact on short term yields of some investment vehicles. First of all, the Fed did actually raise rates […]

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A Few Thoughts on Brexit

                Let us add a few brief thoughts to the many comments that you have undoubtedly received regarding Brexit. Background Coming into last week investors were confident that the “Remain” vote would win and as a result, global equities and commodities rallied through Thursday. While a “Remain” vote […]

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Dry River Bed

Bond Market Liquidity Concerns

    Click on “send” and you will soon own something. The ease and speed of communicating transactional information has reached a level where many do not give a second thought as to the other side of that transaction. The world is my oyster. In today’s bond market many observers are beginning to comment on […]

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Senior Living Investment Database

              We have been building a database on senior living investment portfolios, and as investment consultants, we wanted to share some of that information with you. We started by looking at the largest senior living multi-site organizations. Some of these organizations have spread their tentacles into several geographic locations and […]

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StateStat Roundtable on Jobs,Education,Skills,and Transportation

A Word on Investment Committees

                  A Word on Investment Committees We were recently asked by a client to make a presentation on Investment Committee Development. In addition to our own invaluable experience with investment committees, we found several interesting research sources for our presentation. One source was a Trustee Primer produced […]

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Jim Jeffery Joins Solaris Advisors, LLC

            We are pleased to announce that Jim Jeffery, the founding and principal partner of Jeffery Asset Management has joined Solaris Advisors LLC to lead their team serving non-profit clients, particularly in the Senior Living sector. Jim brings to Solaris Advisors his 20 + years of experience and expertise in […]

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How Smart is Your Index?

            How “Smart” is Your Index? A while back, we looked at some of the alternative arguments for active and passive investing. Why pay high fees to an active manager when the average manager doesn’t beat his benchmark? (Hint; find a top quartile manager!) The debate rages on and most […]

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