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We are pleased to announce that Jim Jeffery, the founding and principal partner of Jeffery Asset Management has joined Solaris Advisors LLC to lead their team serving non-profit clients, particularly in the Senior Living sector. Jim brings to Solaris Advisors his 20 + years of experience and expertise in the CCRC sector, commencing with his executive role at senior living banker Herbert J. Sims & Co and culminating in the building of a successful investment management and consulting practice at Jeffery Asset Management. Solaris Advisors is a wholly owned subsidiary of Solaris Group LLC and an independent SEC-registered wealth management and investment consultancy serving select global institutional and private clients. The addition of Jim to Solaris Advisors will expand the reach of Solaris in serving non-profit clients, particularly in the senior living sector, and will enhance and strengthen our relationship with our non-profit and private clients.

Jeffery Asset Management LLC (“JAM”) was formed in late 2000 to serve the investment management consulting needs of health care/senior living organizations and private clients.   JAM’s controlled growth has allowed it to continue providing high quality service to each of its clients. In joining Solaris, Jim will provide you with an even deeper consulting team and leverage the consulting talent of its current team for your benefit. In Solaris Jim has found a partner that meets all of his criteria for enhancing clients’ experience and furthering his ability to become a thought leader within this specialized investment community.

Specifically Solaris Advisors will provide Jim with;

  • A strong consultative culture that puts clients first and seeks, above all, to add value to clients’ investment processes.
  • A flexible consulting approach that offers true customization of policy development, allocation designs and choice of managers/styles/products for each client.
  • Customizable reporting, with an emphasis on elements that enhance decision making, such as attribution and qualitative analysis.
  • A compensation policy that is long-term oriented and provides long-term incentives for building a successful business
  • A strong commitment to serving the senior living community, with its challenging set of asset/liability issues that Jim is particularly qualified to address
  • Proven success in developing comprehensive family office investment solutions for high net worth and ultra-high net worth families

Jim has always believed that you can do well by doing good. It is in this spirit that he has become a proud member of the Solaris team.

About Jim Jeffery, CFA

Jim Jeffery, the founder and principal of Jeffery Asset Management has joined Solaris Advisors LLC as Managing Director where he will lead the non profit senior living effort. Jim is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with more than 20 years experience in the financial services industry. Have a question about your financial plan? ASK JIM

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