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video tape

Let’s Go to the Video Tape….How do Life Plan Communities Manage their Investments?

We at Solaris Advisors have guided the investment portfolios of many life plan communities and have long been proponents of an approach that balances portfolio risk with operational or enterprise risk. We work with databases that have financial statements of life planning communities to compare the operational statistics of LPC’s to their various asset allocation […]

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StateStat Roundtable on Jobs,Education,Skills,and Transportation

A Word on Investment Committees

                  A Word on Investment Committees We were recently asked by a client to make a presentation on Investment Committee Development. In addition to our own invaluable experience with investment committees, we found several interesting research sources for our presentation. One source was a Trustee Primer produced […]

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The Yellow Brick Road

Pay No Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain! A Consultative Process is Transparent & Objective

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and friends make a long and dangerous journey to see the great Wizard of Oz, who they have heard can grant any wish. If only there were such a wondrous being in the investment world! Like the Wizard, many in the financial services industry would have you believe that […]

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