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Turn, Turn, Turn: Are Active and Passive Investment Styles Cyclical?

It is no secret that passive investing has made big inroads in snagging increased market share the past decade or so. The argument goes something like this: “Over the past umpteen years the “Average” manager has been unable to beat his or her benchmark, so why pay high fees for sub-par performance?” Sounds pretty simple, […]

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Recalculating a Rule of Thumb for Entrance Fee Pricing

As investment consultants, we do a lot of modeling to see how different portfolios might perform in different market environments.  Of course, these quantitative pursuits are balanced against our qualitative judgments regarding asset classes and their correlation to both other asset classes and the markets in general.  The usefulness of any model, however, is only […]

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Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

                Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe I recently had a prospective non-profit client share a few of the “decision points” his investment committee was concerned with in regard to their investment process. He said that the committee was debating whether they should hire a firm whose marketing focus was […]

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Some Perspective On Rates

            2016 has been a year of surprises. Following the Fed’s long awaited interest rate increase last December, many presumed that it would be the first of several over the coming year in a return to “normalcy”. However, the New Year was ushered in by an unanticipated currency decline in […]

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A Few Thoughts on Brexit

                Let us add a few brief thoughts to the many comments that you have undoubtedly received regarding Brexit. Background Coming into last week investors were confident that the “Remain” vote would win and as a result, global equities and commodities rallied through Thursday. While a “Remain” vote […]

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Senior Living Investment Database

              We have been building a database on senior living investment portfolios, and as investment consultants, we wanted to share some of that information with you. We started by looking at the largest senior living multi-site organizations. Some of these organizations have spread their tentacles into several geographic locations and […]

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Jim Jeffery Joins Solaris Advisors, LLC

            We are pleased to announce that Jim Jeffery, the founding and principal partner of Jeffery Asset Management has joined Solaris Advisors LLC to lead their team serving non-profit clients, particularly in the Senior Living sector. Jim brings to Solaris Advisors his 20 + years of experience and expertise in […]

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Green Ostrich and Friend

Conflicts in Investment Management Consulting Industry?

Conflicts in Investment Management Consulting Industry?   A new study by a group that serves as a watchdog for clients of SEC registered investment advisors calls into question the validity of investment advice made by some investment management consultants. The group, Diligence Review Corporation, specializes in performing due diligence reviews for pension funds, which typically […]

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