SparkAfter more than 10 years of advising, managing and consulting on investment and financial matters, I have decided to take the plunge into the world of social media and blogging. You may wonder why an incredibly busy person would choose to start a blog, an undertaking that demands serious time and attention. Indeed, I have asked myself the same question! At the end of the day there are several motivations for doing so.

First of all, blogging offers a way to cut through the confusing cacophony of voices out there today. I want to convey that successful investing is a process, not an asset class or an investment style and certainly not a series of “hot tips”. A process offers some measure of control to non-professional investors; it allows them to better understand the impact of their decisions and helps them understand the impact of manager decisions.

Secondly, blogging offers a venue to offer my thoughts on what is happening in the world and the implications on investment portfolios and the investment process. Investment Policy has to be flexible and adaptive today as we navigate through what some have called “the new normal” and what most would agree are interesting times indeed.

Finally, blogging offers great opportunities to reach more people within our target markets with relevant information that we hope will spark a relationship, virtual or otherwise. We target not-for-profit organizations, primarily in the senior living business, but not exclusively. The business model of CCRCs is unique in that entrance fee pools can build to significant levels and must be managed to maximize total return while meeting the financial obligations that attend bond issues and bank debt. This is a tricky proposition, but one that we have lots of experience with.

We also target high net worth families and their legal and tax advisors. Our consulting experience brings an institutional approach to a market historically characterized by role confusion, conflicts of interest and high cost. Our particular expertise in the municipal bond market doesn’t hurt either.

So into the deep end we go. Join us and let me know your thoughts.

About Jim Jeffery, CFA

Jim Jeffery, the founder and principal of Jeffery Asset Management has joined Procyon Partners as Managing Director where he will lead the non profit senior living effort. Jim is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with more than 20 years experience in the financial services industry. Have a question about your financial plan? ASK JIM
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